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  • February
    8th 2016
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    5th 2016
  • December
    22nd 2015
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  • November
    17th 2015
  • January
    5th 2015
    Congratulations !!! St. Joseph Convent Sec. School Launches its Mobile...>> Read More
  • October
    31st 2014
    Students are requested to submit their creativity at e-Care office for...>> Read More
  • October
    31st 2014
    For any query or help regarding e-Care Services.>> Read More
  • September
    1st 2014
    How to get e-Care username & password ?>> Read More
  • June
    3rd 2014
Principal’s Message

Let your warmth radiate for others to feel, Give yourself without expectation. True education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of her/his final goal and the good of that society to which she/he belongs. Hence it is rightly said that a school is a hot house where each child with her/his unique character is nurtured, cared for, loved understood and trained to acquire gradually a more perfect sense of responsibility with unwavering courage and perseverance. St. Joseph's Convent School is one such hot house of individuals- the very foundation & mainstay of national life. While the mission of the Institution has broadened considerably since its inception in 1963, the progress over the years in becoming a dynamic organization that offers a growing array of services, programs and benefits makes me feel proud to be at its....

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About School

Promulgating peace, justice, freedom, concern and progress for all, especially the downtrodden, bearing in mind that everyone is a child in the name of the Father, created in His own image. In its pursuit of excellence, the fullest possible development of all the dimensions of the pupil's personality - the society strives to engage men and women for high professional competence; moral integrity and dedication. For the realization of its educational objectives the society relies on the whole-hearted co-operation of the parents, the authentic personal witness of inspired, competent, committed teachers and the genuine receptivity of students....

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