Rules of Conduct

about school

In relation of God:

  • Develop your relationship with Him through prayer and participation in the religious life of the school.
  • Behave in a God-like way in your dealings with others, modelling His tolerance, love, respect, fairness and honesty at all times.
  • See your school life as a part of your mission on earth and strive to fulfill it to the best of your ability for God.
  • Always speak the truth with your parents, teachers and fellow students.

In relation to school community:

  • School is your second home, love it and it will make you great.
  • Wear the school uniform correctly, neatly and with pride.
  • It is compulsory to attend class on the opening day after each vacation.
  • Reach the school at least five minutes before the assembly.
  • Speak positively of your school and teachers.
  • Show school spirit by participating in school activities.
  • Be responsible for your belongings. The name, class and section is to be written clearly on them.


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