School Uniform

School Uniform School Uniform

For L.K.G.: (Boys)

Maroon check shorts with white shirt, White socks with maroon stripes, Maroon pullover and maroon blazer with school crest.

For L.K.G.: (Girls)

Maroon check tunic with white shirt, Maroon pullover and blazer with school crest


Boys: Grey shorts for class upto V (pants for boys for class VI on wards). White Shirts with tie collar black belt, grey socks and black shoes with laces Sky blue Turbans for Sikh boys.

Girls: White frock, below knee - length with school crest and collars upto class IV. Sky blue divided skirts, below knee - length. White blouse with sleeves and school crest for girls V onward along with sky blue ribbons, sky blue belts, blue socks and black shoes.


Boys: Grey flannel trousers, white shirts blue ties grey pullover, grey socks and black shoes. Navy blue blazer with crest.

Girls: Grey flannel pleated divided skirts, white shirt with school crest, Blue tie, sky blue pullover, blue ribbons, grey stocking and black shoes, Navy blue blazer with crest.


  • The pullover must be of plain knit full sleeved and 'V' neck.
  • Blazer is compulsory from class LKG onwards.
  • On Saturday, House dress is white to be worn with the House T-Shirt. (Only in Summer). From class 3rd to 10th.


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